Hover Craft 2013

MKE_HC_2013iconblue image by , 2013.

This year we at CENTER are incredibly excited to be taking part in the annual Hover Craft event! On December 8th,  Hover Craft will take place at Turner Hall  (1034 N. 4th st. MKE, WI.) CENTER has broadened it’s explorations … Continue reading

Good Summer at BANK

Good-Summer image by , 2013.

This past week CENTER artists Cody J Frei and Michael Senise showed at the Bank, an artist developed gallery space in St. Louis. Check it out if you get a chance!.

No Joke

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Sir Tyler Robots releases No Joke. An experimental mixtape dealing with the grips of life, the struggle to survive, and the drive to make it major. Sir Tyler Robots draws inspiration from spoken word, popular hip-hop, and electronic music. Get … Continue reading


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curated by CENTER + Jerome Knapp BONES is a worldly exhibition whose group relation is obscure at best, with contrasting aesthetic and approaches to a contemporary creative practice. The curators’ twofold vision is to mechanize this visual disharmony as a … Continue reading

CENTER is Back

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CENTER is on the up and up. The phoenix through the fire, from the ashes and the soot, new photo shoots and new events, new hats and apparel for glitz. Some of our projects and expectations for the near future: April 5th – … Continue reading